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SciFinder CASDraw Work-Around for Remote Users

Because of an incompatibility between the proxy software which allows for remote access to authenticated library resources and the java code that drives SciFinder’s CASDraw applet it is necessary to perfrom the following steps to use SCFinder’s CASDraw applet remotely:


  • Go to Library Directory
  • Click on IE for Library Databases
  • Scroll down to SciFinder
  • The first time you access SciFinder you need to select SciFinder Scholar (Web version for unregistered users)
  • Pass through the Library’s Proxy Server using your gc domain login credentials.  (You might not need to perform this step)
  • After authenticating through the library’s proxy server, you need to login or create an account for SciFinder
  • After creating an account and accessing the resource, click on Explore Substances or Explore Reactions to access CASDraw.