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GC Library’s Open Access Statement

The CUNY Graduate Center Mina Rees Library faculty and staff are committed to disseminating research and scholarship as widely as possible. We believe that open access to scholarship is critical for scholarly communication and for the future of libraries, and that it is central to CUNY’s mission of public education. We recognize the added value to public knowledge that open access publishing gathers for a work.  For that reason, we pledge to make our own research freely available whenever possible by seeking publishers who have either adopted open access policies, publish content online without restriction, and/or allow authors to self-archive publications on the web. When necessary and when possible, we will negotiate with publishers to improve open access terms. We pledge to link to and/or self-archive our open access publications to make them freely accessible. Further, we pledge to support open access by lending our reviewing and editing efforts to manuscripts destined for open access.

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