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Routledge Reference Collection

The Graduate Center has electronic access to 275 reference books published by Routledge:

Routledge Education Online include such titles as Handbook of Education Politics and Policy, Handbook of Research in the Social Foundations of Education, and The Routledge Companion to Dyslexia.

Routledge History Online includes Encyclopedia of the Ancient World, Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World, and Political and Historical Encyclopedia of Women.

Routledge Literature Online includes Encyclopedia of Life Writing Autobiographical and Biographical Forms, The Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage, and Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory.

Routledge Media and Cultural Studies Online includes Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture, Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts, and Bfi Film Classics, offering 37 volumes on such films as Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, Double Indemnity, and Annie Hall.

Routledge Music Online includes Chamber Music: A Research and Information Guide, Piano: An Encyclopedia, and Tin Pan Alley: An Encyclopedia of the Golden Age of American Song.

Routledge Politics and International Relations Online includes A Dictionary of Globalization, Fifty Major Political Thinkers, and The Terrorism Reader.

Routledge Religion Online includes Encyclopedia of African American Religions, The Islamic World, and A Popular Dictionary of Paganism.

Routledge Sociology Online
includes Encyclopedia of the City, Handbook of Contemporary European Social Theory, and Reader’s Guide to Women’s Studies.

Routledge Philosophy Online will become active shortly.