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Intro. to GIS Using Open Source Software

Do you have a research question that you’d like to envision geographically? Maybe you’d like to study neighborhoods and businesses to target a market. Or perhaps you want to visualize the distribution of education, employment, or resources across the country or around the world. Have you ever wanted to add a map to your presentations or reports, but couldn’t find one that suits your needs?

Frank Donnelly, Geospatial Data Librarian at Baruch College, is offering a practicum that will introduce participants to geographic information systems (GIS) as a concept for envisioning information and as a tool for conducting geographic analyses and creating maps. Participants will learn how to navigate a GIS interface, how to prepare map layers and conduct a basic geographic analysis, and how to create thematic maps using the open source software QGIS.

The day-long workshop runs from 9am to 4:30pm on Friday, Oct. 14 or Nov. 11 (choose one). Baruch & CUNY graduate students, faculty, and staff, Baruch undergraduates, and Baruch CAPS students are eligible to register. Registration is $30 and includes a detailed tutorial manual and a light breakfast. Participants must register approx 1 week before the workshop begins. Visit the Baruch GIS Practicum page to learn more and to register:


The tutorial from last semester is available online (this year’s workshop participants will be given a revised, updated manual):