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Remote Access Settings Change

The configuration of our remote access server have changed. If you experience access problems please restart your computer and try again. If you still have problems after doing this please report the problem at (212) 817-7074 or send an email to the systems librarian at

Off-Campus Bookmarks

If you’ve bookmarked or saved URLs generated during off-campus research while using the proxy, you will need to updated these links for them to continue to work. These URLs contain the Internet port the proxy used to use and will need to be updating. Updating the URL is relatively easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Look at the URL and locate the portion marked as “:2048
  2. Delete the “:2048” and save your change
  3. Make sure the new link works

If you need help with updating off-campus research URLs contact the systems librarian at the above contact information.