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New Resource: Penn Corpora of Historical English (PPCHE)

The Graduate Center now has access to the Penn Corpora of Historical English (PPCHE), including the Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English, second edition (PPCME2), the Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Early Modern English (PPCEME), and the Penn Parsed Corpus of Modern British English (PPCMBE), are running texts and text samples of British English prose across its history – from the earliest Middle English documents up to the First World War. The texts come in two forms: part-of-speech tagged text and syntactically annotated text. The part-of-speech tagged text can be searched for word sequences with or without their parts of speech. The syntactically annotated (parsed) text can be searched not only for words and word sequences, but also for syntactic structure. All of the annotation has been carefully checked by expert human annotators for accuracy and consistency. The corpora are designed for the use of students and scholars of the history of English, especially the historical syntax of the language. For more information on the texts included in the corpora and on the annotation scheme, consult the PPCHE homepage.