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Librarians by Subject Specialty

Advanced Social ResearchShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
Africana StudiesShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
American StudiesAlycia Sellie(212)
AnthropologyShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
Art History Alycia Sellie(212)
AudiologyBeth Posner(212)
BiochemistryJill Cirasella(212)
BiologyJill Cirasella(212)
BusinessStephen Klein(212)
ChemistryJill Cirasella (212)
ClassicsMichael Handis(212)
Cognitive ScienceJill Cirasella(212)
Comparative LiteratureGioia Stevens(212)
Computer ScienceJill Cirasella(212)
Criminal JusticeJill Cirasella(212)
DemographyStephen Klein(212)
Earth and Environmental SciencesJill Cirasella(212)
EconomicsStephen Klein(212)
EducationShawn(ta) Smith(212)
Educational PsychologyJill Cirasella(212)
EngineeringJill Cirasella(212)
English and American Literature ResourcesAlycia Sellie(212)
European Union StudiesMichael Handis(212)
Fashion StudiesAlycia Sellie(212)
Film StudiesMichael Adams(212)
FrenchGioia Stevens(212)
Geography/GISStephen Klein(212)
Hispanic/Luso-Brazilian StudiesSilvia Cho(212)
Stephen Klein(212)
History - Late Medieval and Early ModernStephen Klein(212)
Interactive Technology and PedagogyStephen Klein(212)
Language and LiteracyShawn(ta) Smith(212)
Latin American and Caribbean StudiesShawn(ta) Smith(212)
LGBT StudiesShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
LinguisticsGioia Stevens(212)
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)Alycia Sellie(212)
MathematicsJill Cirasella(212)
Middle Eastern StudiesMichael Handis(212)
MusicPolly Thistlethwaite(212)
NursingBeth Posner(212)
PhilosophyStephen Klein(212)
Physical TherapyJill Cirasella(212) 817-7046
PhysicsJill Cirasella(212)
Political ScienceStephen Klein(212)
PsychologyJill Cirasella(212)
Psychology of Political BehaviorShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
Public HealthShawn(ta) Smith(212)
Public Policy and Urban StudiesStephen Klein(212)
Social WelfareShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
SociologyShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
Speech-Language-Hearing SciencesBeth Posner(212)
TheatreShawn(ta) Smith(212)
Twentieth-Century StudiesStephen Klein(212)
Urban EducationShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
Urban Health and Society Shawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053
Women's StudiesShawn(ta) Smith(212) 817-7053

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