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Library Faculty and Staff A-Z

Name/PositionOfficeTelephoneEmailJob title
Cho, J. Silvia
Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
1100.06(212) 817-7045jcho@gc.cuny.eduHEO Assistant
Cirasella, Jill (on leave)
Associate Librarian for Public Services & Scholarly Communication
2321(212) 817-7046jcirasella@gc.cuny.eduAssoc. Professor
Clyde, Wanett
Adjunct Reference & Digital Outreach Librarian
wclyde@gc.cuny.eduAdjunct Faculty
Davey, Donna
Adjunct Reference Librarian
2316(212) 817-7077ddavey@gc.cuny.eduAdjunct Faculty
Handis, Michael
Collection Management Specialist
2317(212) 817-7075mhandis@gc.cuny.eduAssoc. Professor
Klein, Stephen
Digital Services Librarian
2318(212) 817-7074sklein@gc.cuny.eduHEO Associate
Longhi, Melissa
Serials Assistant
2316(212) 817-7079mlonghi@gc.cuny.eduAssistant HEO
Matthew, Curtis
Head of Circulation & Reserves
1100.05(212) 817-7050cmatthew@gc.cuny.eduHEO Associate
Ochoa, Rose
Acquisitions Assistant
2314(212) 817-7061rochoa@gc.cuny.eduCollege Office Assistant
Ojeda, Awilda
Library Office Assistant
2314(212) 817-7088aojeda@gc.cuny.eduCollege Office Assistant
Palmer, Adriana
E-Resources & Institutional Repository Librarian
2312(212) 817-7055apalmer@gc.cuny.eduInstructor
Posner, Beth
Head of Library Resource Sharing
2320(212) 817-7051bposner@gc.cuny.eduAssoc. Professor
Seda, Nancy
Circulation Assistant
1100.05(212) 817-7043nseda@gc.cuny.eduCollege Office Assistant
Sellie, Alycia
Associate Librarian for Collections
2319(212) 817-7078asellie@gc.cuny.eduAsst. Professor
Shirazi, Roxanne
Dissertation Research Librarian
2304(212) 817-7069rshirazi@gc.cuny.eduSubstitute Asst. Professor
Singer, Joel
Cataloging Assistant
2314(212) 817-7064jsinger@gc.cuny.eduCollege Office Assistant
Smith, Shawn(ta)
Head of Reference
2311(212) 817-7053ssmith4@gc.cuny.eduAsst. Professor
Thistlethwaite, Polly
Chief Librarian
2315(212) 817-7060pthistlethwaite@gc.cuny.eduProfessor
White, Davonne
Circulation Assistant
1100.05(212) 817-7042dwhite@gc.cuny.eduCollege Office Assistant
Zweibel, Steve
Data & Digital Projects Librarian
2313(212) 817-7067szweibel@gc.cuny.eduAsst. Professor

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