New York Public Library Electronic Books

Thousands of electronic books, including many scholarly titles, are available from the New York Public Library. Reading these books requires a free download of Adobe Digital Editions. There are also instructions for downloading to devices. Access these books through your NYPL library card.

Complete Oxford Handbooks Trial

The Graduate Center subscribes to the business and management, philosophy, political science, and religion portions of Oxford Handbooks Online but has a trial through March 6 to the complete database, including the sections on archaeology, classical studies, criminology and criminal justice, economics and finance, history, law, linguistics, literature, music, and psychology. Cambridge Companions Online and . . . → Read More: Complete Oxford Handbooks Trial

Art Source Trial

The Graduate Center has a trial through March 25 to Art Source, a new EBSCO resource which includes the text of 630 international journals, indexing and abstracting from many more academic journals, magazines, and trade publications, the text of 220 books, 63,000 images, art reproduction records, and museum podcasts.

PsycExtra trial

The Graduate Center has a trial through February 15 of PsycExtra, an American Psychological Association database which supplements PsycArticles with text from such sources as legal testimony and amicus briefs, reports, conference materials, popular magazines, factsheets, grants, and web materials.

Oxford Bibliographines Online

The Graduate Center’s subscription to Oxford Bibliographies Online now includes a section on American literature. This useful resource, drawn from books, journals, and the internet, also offers sections on anthropology, Atlantic history, cinema and media studies, the classics, education, international relations, Islamic studies, Latin American studies, medieval studies, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, the Renaissance . . . → Read More: Oxford Bibliographines Online

Annual Reviews Trial

The Graduate Center has a trial through March 15 to the complete Annual Reviews. While the library currently subscribes to 32 of 41 titles from 1996 to the present, during this trial all volumes of all 41 titles are available.

CAB Direct Trial

The Graduate Center has a trial through January 15 to CAB Direct, offering more than nine-million abstracts of articles in the applied life sciences.

My SpringerLink

The SpringerLink database has moved to a new platform, but My SpringerLink accounts have not been transferred. Those who have created such accounts must go to SpringerLink to create new ones. Any questions should be directed to Springer’s Online Service Desk.

Database News

The Graduate Center subscribes to Digital National Security Archive, a collection of 94,000 declassified government documents covering such topics as U.S. policy toward Afghanistan 1973-1990, the Berlin crisis 1958-1962, relations between China and the U.S. 1960-1998, the Cuban missile crisis, the Iran-Contra affair, and U.S. policy toward terrorism 1968-2002. Also newly available is Chronicling America: . . . → Read More: Database News

Ethnographic Video Trial

The Graduate Center has a trial through January 14 to Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II, a collection of 500 hours of classic and contemporary documentaries, field recordings, and previously unreleased footage from renowned anthropological archives such as the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), as well as independent producers and distributors. The Graduate Center subscribes to the . . . → Read More: Ethnographic Video Trial