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Google Scholar (Setup)

Customize Google Scholar for Off-Campus

For Google Scholar to interface correctly with CUNY’s holdings, you must verify and/or set Google Scholar preferences.  Google Scholar’s preferences allows Google Scholar to indicate/signal to you, Graduate Center (GC)  full-text articles  that you have access to.    Google Scholar’s preferences are [typically] automatically set on-campus because Google recognizes GC’s IP ranges.  When using Google Scholar remotely, from off-campus,  Google Scholar’s preferences are typically set when accessing Google Scholar via the library’s home page search box and proxy server (the proxy mimics on-campus access by transmitting GC’s IP addresses to Google so Google knows what materials you have access to as a member of the GC community), however there have been reports that Google does not always read GC’s IP addresses.


To mimic on-campus usage, access Google Scholar (link contains embedded proxy information for off-campus access) from the following URL:
(similar to using the google scholar search box on the homepage


If off campus, and not accessing via GC’s proxy:
Verify if Google Scholar is set for the Graduate Center (see below) and if not please set and save for the Graduate Center (see below).

To verify and or set G0ogle Scholar for the Graduate Center:

    1. From Google Scholar
    2. Click on “Scholar Preferences

Click Preferences


  1. In the Library Links field, enter “Mina Rees Library” and click  the <Search> button.


Enter ‘Mina Rees Library’ into the Find Library Search box


    1. The Graduate Center‘s links should appear as “Mina Rees Library CUNY Graduate Center.” Click the Mina Rees Library CUNY Graduate Center Checkbox and the <Save Preferences> button.

Click ‘Mina Rees Library CUNY Graduate Center’ Checkbox


    1. Google Scholar will now be aware the Graduate Center’s holdings for an item, and indicate these when you search Scholar on your computer. Scholar uses CUNY FindIt citation linking, see the FAQfor more info, and the following signals:
      • Electronic Full-Text Resources: If citations are in electronic full-text the phrase “Find Full-Text at the GC” is displayed. Follow the “Find Fulltext at GC” link to the FindIt screen to see retrieval options.
      • Using Google Scholar Off-campus – For the “Find fulltext at GC” links to work properly off-campus, use the library Databases page to access Google Scholar via the library’s proxy server. Using Scholar through the proxy server allows the FindIt button to interface properly with the GC’s electronic holdings.
      • Print Resources: If there is no electronic full-text at the Grad Center, but the item is available in print in a CUNY library, the phrase “Related Info at the GC” is displayed. Follow this link to the Findit screen to see the CUNY library catalog record.
Once setup, if the GC and or CUNY has holding, users will see links on the the right side of a citation similar to the following:
In this example, users can access directly via JSTOR or see other options by clicking on the “Find Fulltext at GC” link.

Problems? Contact GC Reference via email, chat, or phone (212) 817-7077