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Getting Started

Requesting GC Books, CDs for Reserves

Reserve Book Request Form

Scanning Documents

Finding Permanent Links to Books and Articles

Using Blackboard for Reserves








Requesting GC Books, CDs for Reserves:

Use this form to request any book or media for GC Reserve; both for items the GC owns and for items the GC must buy.

To prepare items for reserve, Graduate Center Library staff:

1.  Move GC books from the 2nd floor stacks to 1st floor reserve shelves.

2.  Change item borrowing rules and locations in CUNY+ catalog.

3.  Order books, CDs the library does not already own.

4.  Create a record in CUNY+ catalog for newly ordered items.

5.  Send email with CUNY+ catalog permanent link URL to instructor to place in Blackboard reserve list.







Scanning Documents:

There are several scanning options available at the Graduate Center. All academic departments are equipped with photocopier/scanning machines. The library has five additional bookscanners located on the second floor. Please click here for additional library scanner information.













Finding Permanent Links to Books and Articles:

Permanent Links guarantee users perpetual access to CUNY+ or article records. Regular non-permanent URLs will not work after your current viewing session is over. Here is how a permanent link URL works in a few popular resources.

CUNY+ Catalog:

From the CUNY+ Catalog, copy click on Permanent Link from the GC library’s record. The URL is in the clipboard of your computer’s memory.

Copy a Permanent Link from CUNY+ Catalog



From a new list of CUNY+ URLs from the GC library staff, copy each URL exactly from the email message.



If Saving Permanent Links for Licensed Resources (JSTOR, EBSCO, Wiley, etc.) on Campus:

If saving permanent Links on campus for licensed resources you  need to add a proxy prefix to the URL, allowing authentication, to guarantee remote access because if the embedded proxy information is not contained in their saved links you will have problems opening these persistent links off-campus. With the following formula,  remote users will be able to  access any “saved citations” or “persistent links” :

Saved Citation URL from Ebsco User Permalink functionality):

Proxy Service Preface URL:

When working off-campus the student can access the saved citation content by combining these two URLs into:

More examples:

JSTOR Stable URL (copy Stable URL):



Wiley Online Library PDF:



Proquest New York Times Full Text PDF: