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Using Blackboard for Reserves


Uploading Reserve Documents to Blackboard for Faculty

Adding a Permanent Link to Books and Articles in Blackboard for Faculty

Make a Course Available to Students

Contact Achia Samuels via the helpdesk with questions.


See also this Blackboard tutorial:

Course Environment







Login to Blackboard through the CUNY Portal. If you are new to the portal, register first. If the CUNY Portal is down, use the Alternative Blackboard Login directly below the portal login.

Once you login to Blackboard, all available courses for which students are properly registered and for which instructors are associated will automatically display.

Instructors usually post reserve readings and/or links to books on reserve in the Graduate Center Library in the Documents section of the course page, available on the left panel. Course materials are kept in Blackboard for 3 semesters. Back-up your course materials and links in your personal archive.

Instructors may enroll students in a course. Instructors may also assign students or other assistants to “course builder” status to allow them to add reserve readings or other elements.

Some Grad Center departments use “Grad Exams” to post or link to readings required for 1st and/or 2nd exams. Find your department’s Grad Exam under “My Organizations” on the lower right panel, or perform an “Organization Search” (lower left Search Tools) for the phrase “grad exam” to find a list of departments. Students may use the Enroll button to enroll  in the “Grad Exam” for a department.

Departmental faculty, APOs, and Grad Center librarians are generally assigned “leader” status in the Grad Exam lists, with the authority to add and delete files and links to readings.








Uploading Reserve Documents to Blackboard


To Upload to Blackboard:

  1. Every GC instructor has Blackboard access through the CUNY portal. For help with course activation, or designing your page, check Right Answers then contact the  IT Help Desk or (212) 817 -7300.
  2. Be sure to consult the Library’s Copyright Guidelines and post reserves appropriately.
  3. Click here to see Do-it-Yourself instructions to link, to scan using your departments KM photocopiers.
  4. Select the appropriate Blackboard course from your list.
  5. Click the Control Panel.
  6. Select Course Documents from the Content Areas panel.
  7. Follow the prompts to upload your documents.



Adding a Permanent Link to Books and Articles in Blackboard


To add a Permanent Link:

  1. Select the appropriate Blackboard course from your list of current courses.
  2. Click the Control Panel.
  3. Choose any of the following links from the Content Areas panel.
  4. Select the External Links option on the Add bar at the top of the page.
  5. Enter a title for the link in the Name field.
  6. Obtain and copy  Permanent Link.
  7. Type (or paste) the permanent link URL (the web address) in the URL field. Be sure to include the http:// at the beginning.
  8.  Enter description in the text box, including complete bibliographic information about the article (i.e. author, title of article, journal title, volume, issue, pages, date)
  9. Click the Submit button
  10. Press OK to approve your action



Make a Course Available to Students

By default, all courses are listed as unavailable in Blackboard until the instructor changes this setting. Unless a course is made available, it will not appear in the Blackboard Course Catalog and will not be viewable by students.

  1. Go to the “Control Panel
  2. Navigate to “Course Options
  3. Click on “Settings
  4. Under “Set Availability
  5. Click “Yes
  6. Click “Submit