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Software Available @ GC

The following software applications are available at the GC and are set up to be used with the operating systems indicated:

Windows environment: Adobe Acrobat Prof, ArcGIS, EViews, Firefox, Gaussian, Internet Explorer, Library Databases, LIWC, Maple, Matlab, Microsoft Office Access, Provalis, Salt, SAS, SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics), STATA, and Wolfram Mathmatica.

Mac environment: Adobe Creative Suite, Firefox, Gaussian, and Microsoft Office Access.

Linux environment: Firefox, Gaussian.  

Citrix environment: Adobe Acrobat Prof, ArcGIS, Audiology Education 2, EViews, HLM, Library Databases, Maple, Matlab, Microsoft Office Access, QSR Nvivo, RightFax – Fax Util, SAS, and SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics).  

Please Note:  Not all software applications are available in public spaces.  The following software applications  are available in specified locations only: LIWC (Psychology Student Areas), Provalis (Room 5487), and Salt (Speech and Student Hearing Area).

For the most up-to-date software availability list from IT, click here

For answers to other questions about software or information technology, consult IT’s Frequently Asked Questions or contact the IT Help Desk ( or 212-817-7300).