How to find your router's IP address?

This is the Internet Protocol address which stipulates the uniqueness of the electronic device you are using on a particular network. This network can be a local network that belongs to an intranet such as many professional organizations belong to. Or it can be the network your home belongs to, as well as the colossal network that is known as the internet. It does not matter what site you go to on the internet; each one uses its own distinctive IP address.

Why would you need to know what your IP address is? In this world filled with numerous types of electronic devices, it is essential that we know the IP address in order for these devices to have the capability of “talking” to one another. Sometimes it is necessary to set up a peer-to-peer network of devices in which they can share information remotely; or you may need to do some troubleshooting of the devices on a particular network, knowing the IP address will be a big help in doing so.

Default Router Password

What is the IP address of your router?

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How to find router IP address on any device?

When you are seeking the IP address for a Windows 10 PC there can be several ways in which to find the IP address. The simplest way permits you to utilize the UI instead of the command line.

You will need to access the settings. Are you using Wifi or Ethernet as your internet connection? If you are using an Ethernet connection, select the Ethernet icon; scroll down the “Properties” and find your IPV4 address.

If you are using Wi-Fi it is slightly different to find the IP address.  You will still need to be in the Settings > Network & Internet section; however, you will need to pick the Advanced options.  Once you find this, go to the properties and you will see the IP address.

  • Find the Apple icon that is located at the upper-left corner of your screen and click on it.
  • God through the preferences there and scroll until you find System Preferences –select this
  • Click on Network
  • Choose which is your connection
  • Find the TCP/IP tab and click on it

On Mac os

If you own a Mac os, the way to find your IP Address is to follow these instructions:

On Android

On Windows

If you have an Android and what to find your IP address you will need to follow these directives:

  • The first step is to expose the web browser of your preference (for instance, Google Chrome of UC) ensure that your mobile device is turned on
  • Next, visit the Google homepage
  • Type in the search box “What is my IP address” (do not using any quotation marks) press on the OK button
  • When you get your search results, you will discover that your IP address of your Android phone will be located at the top

On iOS

If you have an iOS device and need to locate the IP address of this device there are a few simple steps you must follow to do so.  When you are using a wireless router/network it is imperative that you are aware what IP address you are using for the iOS device.

It is really pretty easy to find the IP address on your iOS device. You can do so by following the steps in the next section:

  • When you are on the home screen, gently tap on the Settings image to get the setting app started.
  • Next, from the settings application tap on the Wi-Fi Networks
  • Once you find an active Wi-Fi network, find the name of your iOS device’s wireless router it is currently linked to. Then touch the blue arrow button that is beside the name of that active network.
  • The IP address of your iOS device will then appear on the screen.

It will be very useful for you if you know the iOS device you are using IP address; particularly if you wish to transfer any photos or videos that are on the iOS device. Both your computer and iOS devices can be linked to the same router if you know the IP address of these two devices.