How to Reset Your Router to Default?

When you need to reset your router back to the original factory settings default, it can be done if you follow a few simple steps and by utilizing the reset switch.

Computers that are for sale to consumers for home usage typically are installed with components that allow every computer device in the home network to communicate with each other.  These components also allow your computer devices to communicate with each other while on the internet as well.

It is necessary to reset your router to the original factory settings should your router become impossible to control, or you have forgotten the password and cannot get logged in.  When this occurs, the only option is to reset your router to the original factory settings and reconstruct the settings of your computer network.

Default Router Password

  • Disconnect all cords from your router, excluding the power cord. Now plug the power cord into power it on.
  • Now you need to find the reset button on the router.  This is normally discovered as a tiny hole that has the word “reset” on it.
  • You can use a paperclip that has been straightened out, or the tip of a ballpoint pen to accomplish step two. You will need to depress the reset button for several seconds, about ten.  This will allow the button to start blinking; indicating that the reset is in progress and your system is rebooting.
  • The final step is to reference the user guide. Follow these directives in the user guide; these directives will assist you in getting the router setup.

The following action plan will get your router reset and you back within the network and internet:

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Hard Resets your router

There are many different types of resets you can use when resetting your router back to factory default settings.  One such reset is known as a “hard reset”.  The hard reset is the most extreme type of reset that can be done to a router. This type of reset is done when the administrator cannot recall the password and wants to start over with brand new settings.

When a hard reset is done, any former methods to customize the settings are removed. This removal consists of passwords, user names, security keys, port forwarding settings, as wells as any customized DNS servers.

However, any firmware with versions that have presently installed adaptations of the router cannot be removed or reverted by a hard reset. The broadband modem should always be disconnected first to avoid any complications with connecting to the internet.

  • Ensure the router is in the powered on position; now look for the reset button. It may be on the side or bottom of the device.
  • Hold down the reset button for 30 seconds using a pointed object, such as a paperclip or ball-point pen tip.
  • Allow the router to completely reset by waiting an extra 30 seconds before you power it back on.

Steps to take to do a hard reset

There is an optional technique one can do called the 30-30-30 hard reset rule. This is when you depress the reset button down for 90 seconds; after discovering the 30 seconds did not work.

Some manufacturers of routers have their own favored techniques for resetting the router which can vary depending on the model of router you have.

Power Cycling

Another way to reset your router is called power cycling. This technique involves the shutting down of the power to the router and then restarting it. This technique can remove any glitches that have happened, which results in the router losing connectivity, corrupting the internal memory, or the unit becoming overheated.  When you perform a power cycle you will not lose your saved passwords, security keys, or any settings that have been saved on the router’s console.

In order to perform a power cycling you will first need to power off the router by either turning off the switch or unplugging it.  You can also remove the batteries of a unit that is battery-powered.  You only have to wait a few seconds (unlike the 30 second wait of a hard reset) before plugging in and re-powering the device to on.

Soft Resets your router

When have problems with connecting to the internet, you may have to reset the connection between the modem and router.  This sometimes just involves the simple disconnection of the cables which connect the two devices; rather than having to manipulate software or shut down power to the unit.  A soft reset happens almost automatically, because it does not involve the resetting or rebooting of the router.

How to do a soft reset?

A soft reset is simply the disconnecting of the cord that connects the modem to the router and then reconnecting it after a few moments.

Some routers will come with a built in button on their console for disconnect/connect in which it can be used to reset any connections between the modem and service provider.