Off-Campus Access for Students, Faculty, and Staff

All Graduate Center students, faculty, and staff have off-campus access to the Graduate Center Library’s subscription resources (databases, journals, etc.). Simply select a resource from the library site, and you will be asked to log in with your GC network username and password. (If you are a GC faculty member and do not have a network account, contact IT Services at to request an account.)

If you cannot get past the login screen, even if you know you’re entering correct account credentials, you may have been locked out by unsuccessful login attempts. To unlock your account, contact IT Services.

Network account passwords expire every 180 days. You will be reminded to change your password before the expiration date. Passwords can be reset at

Off-Campus Access after Graduation

Due to licensing restrictions and CUNY-wide rules governing student accounts, off-campus access to library resources is discontinued after graduation. However, alumni may continue to use library databases by visiting the Graduate Center Library in person. Also, the New York Public Library (and many other public libraries) provides off-site access to numerous databases and offers interlibrary loan services.

Secondary Method for Off-Campus Access to Some Resources

CUNY-wide databases (a subset of the Graduate Center Library’s databases) are also accessible on the CUNY E-Resources page. When accessing a database through that page, users are prompted to log in with their 14-digit library barcode number (found on the back of your GC ID card).

The Graduate Center Library provides access to all CUNY-wide databases and many more, so we strongly recommend using our list of databases instead. However, GC users having trouble logging in to the Graduate Center Library may wish to use the CUNY E-Resources page until the problem is resolved.